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College Survival Rollerball Kit

Moving on out, moving on up? Your college bound kid will love this!  Includes 10 - 10 ml roller bottles made for the important stuff. Test Anxiety Stop Stressing - No Time For A Sick Day Keep that immune system boosted - Roommate Woes Sometimes roommates are the WORST, use this to make them bearable - Chill Just Relax, it's only 4 years - Senior-Itis It's not over yet, stay motivated - No Place Like Home You don't have to admit that you're homesick - 8 AM Class Wake up, your professor doesn't care that you were up until 2 am "studying"  - Go To Sleep Goodnight! - Too Much Fun  Had a little too much? - Cramming Session You got this, stay focused and remember - ingredient/direction card and convenient bag included.

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